Definition of downburst in English:



  • A strong downward current of air from a cumulonimbus cloud, which is usually accompanied by intense rain or a thunderstorm.

    • ‘Waterspouts are basically tornadoes that are over water, and downbursts are violent gusts of winds blowing directly downwards from the storm cloud.’
    • ‘A HP (high precipitation) super-cell produces very heavy rains, large hail, downbursts and tornadoes.’
    • ‘Three categories of winds have been defined, as well: downdrafts, downbursts (also called macrobursts) and microbursts.’
    • ‘Tornadoes, downbursts, and straight-line winds arising from severe thunderstorms have long perturbed the forests of southeastern Arkansas, producing dramatic localized effects.’
    • ‘Lines of thunderstorms that cause one downburst after another are called derechoes.’
    • ‘When they finally arrived, teams were greeted with a downburst of rain, rapidly dropping the temperature from a hot 90F to a cool 60-70F and turning the desert sands into mud.’
    • ‘Mircobursts are similar to downbursts, but only smaller.’
    • ‘Downdraughts can be accelerated on its path by evaporation, and this can cause downbursts to occur.’
    • ‘If the downburst is concentrated in an area less than 2.5 miles in diameter, it is called a microburst.’