Definition of downchange in English:



  • A change to a lower gear in a motor vehicle.

    • ‘I have now accustomed myself to its limitations and have become reserved about overtaking and used to swift downchanges of gear.’
    • ‘You need to match the revs on the downchange when pressing on with the largely forgotten art of heel-and-toe.’
    • ‘It would be better if the brake pedal offered a more stable fulcrum for heel-and-toe downchanges, even if that meant it needed a firmer shove.’
    • ‘Taking the clutch and manual box away sterilises the experience and robs the driver of the satisfaction achieved from a perfect downchange on the way into a corner, with the merest hint of opposite lock to catch the slide.’
    • ‘The engine blips on the downchange and 11 different settings take the box from a racing set-up to fully automated ‘soft’ changes.’
    • ‘Though I was disappointed by the automatic mode, which is tardy and jerky on both up and downchanges, the manual set-up is much more satisfyingly reactive.’
    • ‘‘The downchange got a bit sticky as soon as I took over,’ said the 2000 FIA Sportscar champion.’’


[with object]
  • 1Put (a vehicle) into a lower gear.

    1. 1.1no object Change to a lower gear.
      • ‘The system worked well, t hough it seemed slow to respond to the ‘resume’ command - unlike some German vehicles, which respond fast by downchanging and propelling you to the chosen speed.’
      • ‘Cue frantic braking, downchanging and wheel twirling in that order, combined with the anticipation of the front end sliding wide to the accompaniment of squealing rubber.’
      • ‘I just downchanged going up a hill, and it snapped on me.’