Definition of downconversion in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌvərZHən/



See downconverter

‘If the mixer used for this downconversion is an image-reject type, there will likely be 20-30dB less gain for the image frequencies, and a jammer getting in at the RF input would need to be this much bigger to cause problems.’
  • ‘Digital radio customers can remove an IF stage from their system, digitising directly at 100Mz rates and performing digital downconversion in the FPGA.’
  • ‘These devices rely on a nonlinear process called optical parametric downconversion in a nonlinear crystal such as beta barium borate.’
  • ‘Often in our downconversions from high-definition [film or digital master] sources, a lower-resolution choice has been made in the interest of making the picture look more filmic.’
  • ‘One way to free up computational resources is to move the digital downconversion into hardware.’