Definition of downdraught in English:


(US downdraft)


  • A downward current of air.

    ‘the helicopter was caught in a strong downdraught’
    • ‘Slow the airplane to reduce impact forces; also, you'll likely encounter wind shear and strong downdrafts.’
    • ‘On any given afternoon, unstable breezes and moisture ratchet up cumulonimbus clouds in a whirlwind of updrafts and downdrafts that cause particles of rain, ice, and snow to collide.’
    • ‘Normally, the air that's moving down, called a downdraft, shares the thunderstorm with the updraft.’
    • ‘Thunderstorm dangers include fierce up and down winds, called updrafts and downdrafts.’
    • ‘Three categories of winds have been defined, as well: downdrafts, downbursts (also called macrobursts) and microbursts.’
    • ‘If a tilt is created in these drafts by wind shear, additional up or downdrafts can occur and this can result in extra cells being formed.’
    • ‘The rear part of the storm is where tornadoes are likely to spawn as the downdraft in the flanking line meets the rotating updraft.’
    • ‘Downdrafts - a strong flow of air that travels from above the surface to the ground - are enhanced by rain-cooled air and if they become strong enough, downdrafts can drag the belt of strong winds above to the surface.’
    • ‘‘Hailstorms usually happen in spring and summer afternoons when updrafts and downdrafts interact strongly,’ You said.’
    • ‘At the time, I was looking for software to visualize my 3-D model data of microbursts, severe downdrafts that sometimes descend from thunderstorm clouds.’
    • ‘This would be placed in the path of a tornado, and would relay back wind speeds, location of downdrafts and updrafts, number of vortices, etc.’
    • ‘It is caused by the tremendous updraft and downdraft winds within the thunderstorm.’
    • ‘He battled huge updrafts and downdrafts to take Solo Spirit up and over a 6700-metre Andean peak in a manoeuvre so risky he opted to wear a parachute.’
    • ‘Last year on June 30 a plough wind - a powerful downdraft which can cause damage like a tornado - hit Grimshaw, causing significant damage to the arena and other buildings.’
    • ‘If downdrafts become localized, they can become violent downward bursts of wind that can overpower or even destroy any aircraft.’
    • ‘While the chopper hovered above Coire Na Ciste, bouncing violently in the downdrafts, we looked on as the body was hooked to a cable by rescuers and reeled up into the aircraft.’
    • ‘If the winds are strong, beware of eddy currents coming off nearby trees, and for strips with a precipice at the approach end, be ready for a strong downdraft on short final.’
    • ‘That's when it was hit by a powerful line squall - a huge downdraft.’
    • ‘Be at least 1000 feet clear of terrain or obstacles; 2000 feet when over mountainous terrain, where downdrafts and turbulence could become factors.’
    • ‘The rain stifles the updraft, reverses it into a downdraft and kills it.’