Definition of downfield in English:



  • 1(in sport) in or to a position nearer to the opponents' end of a field.

    • ‘A few minutes later, Gloucester launch a huge kick downfield.’
    • ‘The final pass was intercepted and swept downfield for him to apply the finish, a chance at one end, a goal at the other within seconds.’
    • ‘It was a lateral that was supposed to set up a pass downfield.’
    • ‘They're taking calculated shots downfield and guys are making plays.’
    • ‘He passed me the ball, and I took it downfield before being cut off by second-string defense player Oliver.’
  • 2Physics
    In a direction corresponding to decreasing field strength.

    ‘The center of the proton multiplet is about 0.12 ppm downfield from the center of the terminal proton multiplet in diborane.’