Definition of downhiller in English:



  • A skier or cyclist who takes part in downhill races.

    ‘Hey, we're cross country skiers, not downhillers.’
    • ‘And as downhillers know, steering originates from the seat as well as the handlebars; the long profile of the Berserkr allows subtle input to your direction.’
    • ‘But the amazing mountain scenery and death-defying speed of the downhillers kept viewers hooked on a wet and cold Sunday afternoon.’
    • ‘Some downhillers tend to do that because that's the nature of the sport.’
    • ‘Unless it's a pro-level downhiller, it's much rarer for me to get a suspension tuning order from a pure cyclist.’
    • ‘Local downhillers head for Powderhorn Ski Area, a small, family-oriented resort for skiers and snowboarders.’
    • ‘If you aspire to ski like a downhiller, get a brain bucket to match.’
    • ‘There's excellent cross-country skiing and snowshoeing just out the door; for downhillers, Kirkwood Mountain Resort is a 25-minute drive away.’
    • ‘You'll see it all from baggy shorted BMX grommies to super-light, Lycra-encased, cross-country man-machines, to fully-armored downhillers with bikes that look like motorcycles and weigh almost as much.’
    • ‘The Japanese downhiller crashed yesterday after losing control of her bike as she hit a jump during practice.’
    • ‘His stretch regimen consists of slope-specific variations on three standard yoga poses that loosen and strengthen the key muscle groups used by downhillers.’
    • ‘Many of the top racers were also there, notably the Austrian downhillers hunting qualifying points for a place on their over-subscribed team for the following season.’
    • ‘In March 2001 he started 33rd in a field of 63 downhillers at the U.S. Alpine Championships.’
    • ‘The very successful downhillers manage to simply deny (to themselves) that such a thing could happen.’
    • ‘The poor downhillers don't know what they're missing.’
    • ‘Watching the top downhillers, you are struck by their size: they tend to be big, muscular and solid.’
    • ‘This became more pronounced last night when the downhillers took their bow.’
    • ‘The problem was that she didn't feel like a downhiller.’
    • ‘If you're a downhiller, you could do a lot worse.’
    • ‘There were no surprises in the team, but it was good to see my fellow downhiller Roger in there.’



/ˈdounˌhilər/ /ˈdaʊnˌhɪlər/