Definition of downpipe in English:



  • A pipe to carry rainwater from a roof to a drain or to ground level.

    • ‘If he had requested, prior to the ingress of water, that Richmond check the rainwater downpipes and outlets, one might have expected him to have mentioned that in this letter.’
    • ‘‘The wiring needs renewing and the chimneys, roof and downpipes are in a serious state of disrepair,’ said the aristocrat.’
    • ‘The source of the dampness penetration can be - and must be - eradicated and quite clearly this will require simply replacing the defective rainwater downpipes.’
    • ‘Roofs are of corrugated iron drained by copper spouts and downpipes.’
    • ‘He built a chute which taps into the roof downpipe, and diverts the water into a barrel.’
    • ‘We'd already decided that the guttering and downpipes need upgrading but now it looks like a new floor complete with damp-proof membrane is going to be needed.’
    • ‘He said the droppings had blocked the gutters and downpipes on the building, causing water to seep into the roof timbers.’
    • ‘Also at that time I had a 2700 litre water tank installed in my side yard and had a plumber redirect all my downpipes into the empty pool and water tank.’
    • ‘He said the problem of flooding was caused by a blocked drainpipe and corrected by a redesign and additional downpipes.’
    • ‘So this morning the unfortunate plumber is fixing my downpipe, which is, as it turns out, a minor job after all.’
    • ‘If you are on the top floor, the source of the problem may be coming from a defective gutter or downpipe, or defective roof covering.’
    • ‘Check the condition of the gutters and, for replacement, use good quality cast iron or cast aluminium guttering and downpipes.’
    • ‘With downpipes and guttering pulled off the building.’
    • ‘The cast iron gutters with copper downpipes need to be cleaned and painted with special paint.’
    • ‘You can buy diverters that cost less than £5, which will channel water from a downpipe to a water butt or hose.’
    • ‘When he pulled the gunk out that was blocking the downpipe, it roared and shook as the water drained away.’
    • ‘Waterfalls of algae stained the outside walls where the downpipes leaked, sometimes forming great puddles that would block the close entrances.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, a section of James Street has benefited from a project involving the replacement of downpipes and facade improvements.’
    • ‘On the other hand the stormwater downpipes that just discharge onto the ground didn't seem to cause any problems, so that may be how we do the stormwater separation.’
    • ‘Valleys are secured and tensioned at each side by chains which go inside the thin white downpipes to fixings over drainage holes in the paving.’