Definition of downrange in English:



  • (of a missile, space launch, etc.) traveling in a specified direction away from the launch site and toward the target.

    ‘rounds streaked downrange at more than a mile a second’
    • ‘Because of its Pacific-based equatorial location, the radars are immediately downrange of space launch facilities located in the former Soviet Union, China and Japan.’
    • ‘It was, I think, part and parcel of almost three decades of camaraderie, of shared experiences and hotly argued positions, of hundreds of thousands of rounds launched downrange in pursuit of an excellence we hoped to find in ourselves.’
    • ‘After our first set of shots we walked downrange to check our targets.’
    • ‘All of this firing was slow and deliberate with the Oehler three-screen chronograph used to measure velocity and targets placed downrange at 25 yards.’
    • ‘Later that afternoon, the old guy settles himself comfortably on his back porch, looking downrange proudly at the targets on the sandbank 50 yards away.’
    • ‘After firing a string of shots we get up, set the rifle on the bench with action open, maybe wait for the range officer's permission, trudge downrange and examine the target.’
    • ‘With just a little instruction both adopted good prone and sitting positions and began to easily pop steel targets 70 yards downrange.’
    • ‘After adjusting and steadying my aim, I fired another round that tore a two inch hole in the head of the target downrange.’
    • ‘Rounds that missed probably buried themselves near the intended targets or skipped downrange.’
    • ‘The object is for the round to go downrange and deliver a nonlethal payload over the target.’
    • ‘It was merely a room with a guardrail and several human-shaped targets downrange.’
    • ‘Five additional rounds went downrange from 50 yards.’
    • ‘The first shooting session put about 150 rounds downrange.’
    • ‘We sent more rounds downrange with this setup, shooting out to 330 yards.’
    • ‘Now go downrange and compare the marked target to the one you fired at.’
    • ‘Peering downrange, he saw with a satisfied smile that the target now sported an arrow in the direct center.’
    • ‘They will run downrange, carefully pull their target and hold it like a newborn.’
    • ‘The laser beam source can be observed from downrange and could serve as a target.’
    • ‘Once you knock these targets over, you have to walk downrange and set them up again.’
    • ‘We're moving people and equipment downrange - all of which are extremely important.’



/ˌdounˈrānj/ /ˌdaʊnˈreɪndʒ/ /ˈdounˌrānj/ /ˈdaʊnˌreɪndʒ/