Definition of downswing in English:



  • 1

    another term for downturn

    • ‘Workers who depend on the good graces of their employers (regardless of their claims to be well intentioned) are ultimately vulnerable to economic downswings and outright exploitation.’
    • ‘The causes of economic upswings and downswings in capitalism are more centred on its unplanned and unregulated nature.’
    • ‘But why is it that the downswings are so much more believable than the upswings?’
    • ‘The punk turned god-father-in-his-own-right has witnessed a parallel downswing in the last decade, wallowing in uninspired classic rock.’
    • ‘But when there is a downswing, the clothes reflect it.’
    • ‘There was a period from 1997-1999 when jeans actually took a downswing.’
    • ‘And the souring of relations between the party and these two proved major milestones in the downswing of the PD fortunes.’
    • ‘As if these structural problems were not enough, the rising risk of a cyclical downswing promises to make top-line sales growth even harder to originate.’
    • ‘Notebook prices have been on the downswing in the last few months, with basic models costing around Rs 50,000.’
    • ‘For starters, the hip hop scene at UW is on the downswing, which surprises me.’
    • ‘There is strong evidence that the downswing that drove stock markets to multi-year lows earlier this year have come to an end.’
    • ‘I am also worried that my own, internal, cycle will continue and that this momentary upswing will be followed by yet another downswing as has been the case before.’
    • ‘Each wave, upswing through downswing, lasted roughly 50 years.’
    • ‘Do you think religion is on the upswing or downswing in the United States as a whole?’
  • 2Golf
    The downward movement of a club when the player is about to hit the ball.

    ‘your body must not sway to the left during the downswing’
    • ‘The right shoulder moves out and over on the downswing, causing the club to come into the ball on an outside-in swing path.’
    • ‘With a more upright back-swing, all Shane has to do on the downswing is let the club and his body swing to a full finish.’
    • ‘If your grips get damp over the course of a round, you could lose control of the club on the downswing, even if you're wearing a fresh glove.’
    • ‘‘His problem last year was that his downswing was too much from out-to-in, which caused him to hit too many shots off the toe,’ he confirms.’
    • ‘We started with his takeaway, then we fixed his back swing, then we went on to the start of his downswing.’
    tumble, trip, spill, topple, stumble, slip