Definition of downtempo in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdounˈtempō/ /ˌdaʊnˈtɛmpoʊ/


  • Played at a slow tempo.

    ‘Drawing from the shallow well of downtempo techno mood music, none of Lubricate Your Living-Room's eighteen tracks dare to grab you, or even pluck up enough courage to ask if you wouldn't mind paying attention for just a brief moment.’
    • ‘Moving rapidly from downtempo jazz noodling into a languid breakbeat and finally full-on drum & bass, they launch into a live, and hence loud, barrage of sound.’
    • ‘The next song, the title track, melds another downtempo beat with a gentle guitar melody.’
    • ‘Their music is moody downtempo trip-hop characterized by a blend of electronic drum beats and organic instruments, namely a guitar and keyboard chords foregrounded by the viola and cello.’
    • ‘This disc shares many similarities with Broken Social Scene's much-adored You Forgot It In People album from last year: alluring downtempo beats, lush, haunting strings and sustained notes and chords that linger for an eternity.’
    • ‘A Special Album is certainly a competent offering of downtempo beats.’
    • ‘This time out, however, the beats are more upbeat and inviting compared to the downtempo and contemplative beats of Folk Songs.’
    • ‘With an impressive array of vintage keys, guitars, effects and downtempo beats, this duo balances fragility with confidence in these rich, melodic soundscapes, whose well-woven foundations frequently threaten to fall apart.’
    • ‘Picking up where their last album left off - though differing in that the latest has stellar singles and it doesn't have any ends that are frayed - Supermodified is a masterpiece of jazzed-out downtempo beats and breaks.’
    • ‘Though ESL Music has licensed some outstanding downtempo artists (Blue States, Broadway Project, Les Hommes), none of this excellence has apparently touched Thievery Corporation.’
    • ‘There are no house or trance beats used to float the boat at the pier, only funky downtempo, broken beats, dub, and all other forms of imaginative and eclectic music.’
    • ‘The Spacek is really nice, recommended for those who like their electronic music on the downtempo side and want something for a relaxed night at home.’
    • ‘Put the aforementioned biases together with some downtempo hip-hop and an intellectual and political mind and you have a good record.’
    • ‘It doesn't always have the pop hooks of hip hop and, unlike its 4/4 beat cousin, it seems to age better - quality downtempo, beats and pieces seem less disposable over time’
    • ‘Occasionally the sounds remind one of noisy breakbeats and, at other times, the reliable downtempo four-on-the-floor of old blues music.’
    • ‘Hardly easy listening, her downtempo kaleidoscope of pain and progress is unable to hold on to all that it reaches for, but delivers moments of brilliance and daring that upstage the pop divas she'd rather not be associated with.’
    • ‘Some acts dodge the question entirely by devoting albums to song-based tracks or downtempo experimentation, others simply compile their vinyl sides and remixes.’
    • ‘What ought to sound like a mishmash of elements thrown against the proverbial wall - saccharine pop, downtempo grooves, orchestral jams or drone-rock dub - instead meshes into a recognizable whole.’
    • ‘There are dance numbers, ambient soundscapes and even a downtempo joint bordering on hip hop.’
    • ‘The downtempo world-music scene has become a sad and sordid affair.’


  • A genre of electronic dance music with influences from jazz, bossa nova, and dub reggae.

    ‘In each case, the female vocalists is up front, and the bed of multiplicitous beats incorporates downtempo, acid jazz, nu jazz and house.’
    • ‘As a newcomer to the Ninja Tune family, England's Treva Whateva decided to cover the spectrum of DJ-based music starting with ragga-jungle, downtempo, breaks, disco and hip-hop - to name a few.’
    • ‘In a desperate attempt to maintain some sense of relevance, many of the best ethereal bands went on to try their hand at fleeting trends - trip hop and downtempo - or waited out the passing storm by simply disappearing - Kevin Shields.’
    • ‘It is a jazz-oriented mix of experimental techno and downtempo that shows even more diversity from Carl Craig.’
    • ‘It follows that the music is a hybrid of rock, disco, acid, house techno and downtempo, but always with an upbeat and driving energy that keeps the crowd moving.’
    • ‘I'm on from 10 mm til midday, spinning reggae, downtempo and hiphop.’
    • ‘A nomination for the Mercury Music Award boosted the duo's profile further, and by the end of the year they were being embraced as the new king and queen of downtempo.’