Definition of downward dog in English:

downward dog

(also downward-facing dog)


  • A yoga pose in which the body assumes an inverted V shape, with the hands and feet on the floor, and the buttocks pointing upwards.

    ‘just because you're not in a yoga studio, it doesn't mean you can't practise your downward dog’
    • ‘Does your yoga teacher know the difference between a cobra and a downward dog?’
    • ‘One walks away with a new appreciation of downward dog after holding the posture for an extended period of time.’
    • ‘After the class, she pulled me aside and told me my downward-dog had improved marvelously over the course of the 90 minute class.’
    • ‘Certainly those comments ring true for yoga devotee Janine, who is signed up and ready to greet the new year in downward dog.’
    • ‘Hold position and breathe normally, then exhale as you push back into downward-facing dog.’