Definition of downwinder in English:



mainly US
  • A person living downwind of a nuclear test site or reactor, where the risk from fallout or radiation leaks is greatest.

    ‘Changes focused primarily on definitions and ‘burden of proof’ documents; they did little to address the problems downwinders experience when seeking radiation compensation.’
    • ‘During the five-year research period, the author interviewed approximately 200 people in the seven communities, but only about 20 downwinders spoke specifically about radiation compensation.’
    • ‘Some downwinders, for example, view test site workers as being better informed than they were about the hazards of radiation and better protected from fallout because they knew of scheduled detonations.’
    • ‘Thus, even with needed amendments to the RECA of 1990, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program remains problematic for downwinders.’
    • ‘She pays particular attention to the plight of downwinders living in close proximity to the test range and the variety of malaises suffered by many.’
    • ‘Today, thousands of downwinders suffer from leukemia, breast cancer, and other ailments.’
    • ‘‘There are hot spots thousands of miles from test sites and the new definition of ‘downwinder’ should include all of them.’’



/ˌdounˈwindər/ /ˌdaʊnˈwɪndər/