Definition of downzone in English:



[with object]North American
  • Assign (land or property) to a zoning grade under which the permitted density of housing and development is reduced.

    ‘under the new zoning proposals a number of areas are downzoned’
    • ‘In 1985, residents banded together to fight for downzoning after a Craftsman bungalow was torn down to make way for an apartment building.’
    • ‘Richmond quickly downzoned the property from comprehensive development district to assembly district in order to accommodate the school's construction.’
    • ‘Downzoning would affect home equity and ability to borrow against home.’
    • ‘Downzoning will stop any future expansion of the problem.’
    • ‘He said staff advised him that under the local government act, the regional district had the power to downzone.’
    • ‘He hoped to have the land downzoned from four parcels of land zoned for resort development to land zoned for agriculture.’
    • ‘He said staff is still working on the directive it received last January to downzone the property to open space.’
    • ‘So the push for downzoning pits the rights of neighborhoods against the city's broader need to equitably accommodate its growth.’
    • ‘The probability of downzoning also increases when a community has experienced rapid population growth and increased land values.’
    • ‘Many farmers see downzoning as a taking, an encroachment on their economic rights and a diminution of their retirement nest egg.’