Definition of dowser in English:



See dowse

  • ‘Most psychics and dowsers, for example, do not even realize that they need to do controlled tests of their powers to rule out the possibility that they are deceiving themselves.’
  • ‘Controlled experiments set up to test the abilities of dowsers have shown that dowsers are no better at finding hidden substances than chance would predict.’
  • ‘Every dowsing organization, or dowser, that we have contacted, has ignored this offer.’
  • ‘The lack of testing under controlled conditions explains why many psychics, graphologists, astrologers, dowsers, New Age therapists, and the like, believe in their abilities.’
  • ‘And, as usual in such matters, none of the participating astrologers, clairvoyants, ‘face readers,’ or dowsers who failed the tests, believe that their own claimed abilities are imaginary.’