Definition of dozer in English:



short for bulldozer
‘In the construction industry, those who talk about tractors usually mean dozers.’
  • ‘For us, it's better to own than rent smaller dozers, smaller tractors, and smaller loaders.’
  • ‘The old adage about bad workmen blaming their tools might be true, but in our conversations we have heard few operators of loaders, graders, excavators, and dozers blaming their machines.’
  • ‘Rather, he relies on his operators and drivers (a combined total of about two dozen employees) to maintain the fleet of excavators, scrapers, graders, dozers, and dump trucks.’
  • ‘The equipment replaced consisted of, for example, rough-terrain forklifts, midpowered dozers and excavators, manlifts, scissors lifts, and more.’
  • ‘Excavators, articulated trucks, dozers, motor graders, and bottom-dump highway trucks are a few examples of the diverse machinery used on a typical job site.’
  • ‘For more capacity, you can move up a notch or two to loader backhoes and midsize excavators when space for the big excavators, dozers, and other dedicated machines is short.’
  • ‘Manufacturers of excavators, graders, and dozers point out that products for guidance and control of their machines are made by others.’
  • ‘Most workers in our sector use hand tools as well as the bigger equipment - dozers, excavators, and loaders.’
  • ‘The other is mounted on a rover, such as a dozer, a motor grader, or an excavator.’
  • ‘When the operator can see all around, he knows where he can swing the excavator's boom, reverse the dozer, or turn the grader.’
  • ‘Most of us do not perceive trucks the same way as excavators, loaders, and dozers.’
  • ‘It takes her a little while to recognize him as the one who ran the small dozer at the construction site across the road.’
  • ‘It works on an unlimited amount of dozers and blades in this radius.’
  • ‘Now the phrase ‘on the go ‘is as significant for scrapers as for dozers.’’
  • ‘In the construction industry, they are used on skid-steer loaders, mini-excavators, asphalt pavers, dozers, tracked carriers, and boring and trenching machines.’
  • ‘Currently the company operates eight dozers; five are equipped with slope boards.’
  • ‘I've seen dozers backed up in a line together so all the fuel caps face the same way.’
  • ‘What it did on that sand project was eliminate the need for a fill dozer, reducing our cost per yard.’
  • ‘One equipment dealer notes that a compact track loader can replace a small dozer - and is smaller to transport in the bargain.’



/ˈdōzər/ /ˈdoʊzər/