Definition of draft board in English:

draft board


  • A board of civilians that is responsible for registering, classifying, and selecting people for compulsory military service.

    ‘After my graduation in July 1942, I enrolled in the School of Church Music, and notified my Missouri draft board of my move.’
    • ‘By the time he reported to the draft board he'd already published short stories and sketches in The New Yorker and was working as a Broadway rewrite man.’
    • ‘The vet was right - my son was not being raised to be a soldier, and someday Adam might need to show his draft board the photo we'd just taken to prove that fact.’
    • ‘At the draft board he was curtly told by the examining doctor to get lost.’
    • ‘Although the total number is unknown, accounts of local draft board proceedings in states bordering Canada are filled with references to men fleeing to Canada to avoid conscription.’
    • ‘Military testing standards were lowered, high school dropouts became eligible for service, and draft boards and recruiters were encouraged to overlook criminal justice offenses.’
    • ‘He registered with the draft board as a conscientious objector, and was granted CO status, which meant he didn't have to go, and he really did not want to.’
    • ‘The authors then looked at intelligence data for 3044 of the sons, whose IQs were measured by military draft board intelligence tests at the age of 18 to 19.’
    • ‘Andrew went to the local draft board pleading hardship asking them to excuse Thomas from military service, his reason being since he was an only son and farming a vital occupation his presence was essential for national defense.’
    • ‘Additionally, late last year, the Selective Service issued a call for volunteers to help fill local draft boards.’
    • ‘Instead of a call to service delivered via the local draft board, the commander in chief made a point of easing the burdens of citizenship.’
    • ‘Last fall, a small notice was posted - and later removed - from a Department of Defense website, seeking applicants to fill positions on 2,000 local draft boards nationwide.’
    • ‘The U.S. Selective Service System is looking for a few good volunteers to serve on local draft boards.’
    • ‘Guard units across the country contacted draft boards every Sept.15 to update them on the status of local Guard members.’
    • ‘You took letters and an X-ray to your draft board because you had an unfused vertebra in your back, but then you went skiing for the next year.’
    • ‘In 1968, when his draft board refused to grant him conscientious objector status, Moses left the country.’
    • ‘The Selective Service System wants to hear from men and women in the community who might be willing to serve as members of a local draft board.’
    • ‘Three years later, in 1972, however, I moved three miles and didn't tell my draft board.’
    • ‘They put out a call on a Web site that circulates in military families asking for volunteers for those draft boards.’
    • ‘The administration is reviving draft boards.’