Definition of draft horse in English:

draft horse

(British draught horse)

Pronunciation /ˈdraft ˌhôrs/ /ˈdræft ˌhɔrs/


  • A large horse used for pulling heavy loads, especially a cart or plow.

    ‘Their average 15 hand size, a size rarely found in a true draft horse, makes the horse the perfect all-around horse.’
    • ‘The earliest I can recall was when I was 2 years old and my grandmother put me on a horse, an old draft horse type at her farm in southern Minnesota.’
    • ‘Common sense confirms that you cannot start with little Shetland ponies and try to select for Clydesdale draft horses - the information just isn't there anymore!’
    • ‘I've also always loved those gigantic draft horses, like percherons and clydesdales and whatnot.’
    • ‘At the home ranch, they built a reputation raising registered Shorthorn and Hereford cattle as well as Thoroughbred and draft horses.’
    • ‘He crossed racehorses with draft horses, creating a breed that could leap hurdles at least six-feet high.’
    • ‘Using draft horses and old implements for farming would not appeal to the modern farmer who uses air conditioned cabs on each tractor or self propelled combine.’
    • ‘He patted the great neck of one of the draft horses.’
    • ‘Back in the heartland of India, farmers, tired of the farming life and dreaming of the glory of soldiers decide to try to use their draft horses in combat.’
    • ‘I thought I heard a hundred draft horses stampeding through it.’
    • ‘There he shoed draft horses, fixed freight wagons, made repairs to machinery, and fabricated iron parts as needed.’
    • ‘Most of the teamsters hired were farmers or men who had the necessary teams of mules and draft horses available to cope with this demanding job.’
    • ‘For several years I farmed with draft horses and found that they could compete with the most modern farm equipment on a per unit basis.’
    • ‘The Fellows use draft horses to spread manure, rake hay, and move fences, water, firewood and hay around the farm.’
    • ‘The two-dimensional ploughman appears entirely from the outside, just like his draft horses.’
    • ‘Livestock on a typical farm might include draft horses, beef cattle, milk cows, and hogs.’
    • ‘The students' task was to design and build a wind shelter for the ranch's Belgian draft horses.’
    • ‘Still, a week later the draft horses were so exhausted they were set free, the wagons left to rot in the bush.’
    • ‘There will be clinics, hay days, plowing matches, farm shows and the annual show that brings in the draft horse folks from all over the state of Texas.’
    • ‘Belgian farmers breed some of the finest draft horses in the world, including the famous Percherons.’