Definition of drafting gate in English:

drafting gate


Australian, New Zealand
  • A gate in a stockyard which simultaneously closes one exit and opens another, used when sorting livestock.

    ‘a drafting gate at the end of the race directs sheep into the chosen pen’
    • ‘The system uses a computer in the dairy with software that communicates with an electronic drafting gate.’
    • ‘A reader at the drafting gate detects the animal's tag, identifies the cow and directs it appropriately.’
    • ‘Before, without a drafting gate, one of the farmers had to stand outside the milking shed waiting for the cow.’
    • ‘Young farmers demonstrated their skills, strength and stamina in the practical challenges, including constructing drafting gates and carving wood sculptures using a chainsaw.’
    • ‘We use the tags, along with an electronic reader and automatic drafting gate, to select the best sheep to keep and mate.’
    • ‘A drafting gate sends them to a holding paddock to await collection by the stock transporter.’
    • ‘With one drafting gate sheep can be sorted two or three ways.’
    • ‘The race terminates in a drafting gate, hand-operated to divert the sheep in one of two ways.’
    • ‘The yard was shaped like a triangle with a narrow drafting gate at one end.’
    • ‘The tag is read by an electronic sensor as the animal approaches the drafting gate.’