Definition of drafting race in English:

drafting race


Australian, New Zealand
  • A fenced passage in a stockyard along which animals are driven prior to being sorted at the drafting gate.

    ‘the new sheep yard has a curved three-way drafting race’
    • ‘A well-designed drafting race makes life a lot easier for a lone operator.’
    • ‘Many yards have some cover, at least over the drafting race, to shade workers and stock.’
    • ‘Sheep are pushed into a drafting race, which is the width of two or three sheep and narrows in the last three metres to the width of one sheep.’
    • ‘The drafting race is where sheep are drenched with an anthelmintic to kill internal parasites, and treated with a pour-on dip to kill external parasites.’
    • ‘Initially, sheep yards had a rectangular layout, with the drafting race in the middle of the complex.’
    • ‘The drafting race is mainly a working area where calves are earmarked, tagged, and castrated.’
    • ‘Scales for weighing cattle are kept towards the end of the drafting race.’
    • ‘The inside measurement between the boards in the sheep drafting race is 425 millimetres.’
    • ‘Use dressed or gauged timber rather than rough-sawn in the sheep drafting race.’
    • ‘Make the gate high enough to deter cattle from trying to jump into the sheep drafting race.’