Definition of drafting yard in English:

drafting yard


Australian, New Zealand
  • An enclosure in which livestock are sorted into groups.

    ‘the boys were pushing the cattle up towards the drafting yard’
    • ‘In the drafting yard you really needed to be on your toes.’
    • ‘We tried to force the mob into the drafting yard.’
    • ‘He opened the horse-paddock gate and down they drove to the station drafting yard.’
    • ‘There was a receiving yard and a drafting yard, which they used to use for the branding.’
    • ‘Their drafting yard has long been recognised as one of the best-planned yards in the country.’
    • ‘The cattle need not be knocked about more than they would be in putting them into a drafting-yard.’
    • ‘The three bosses sat on the top rails of the drafting yard.’
    • ‘Talk about dust! – Before morning the room was like a drafting-yard.’
    • ‘In that last great drafting-yard, where Peter keeps the gate, souls of sinners find it barred.’
    • ‘A gate should be constructed on each side of the race, opening on the left into the first drafting yard.’