Definition of draftswoman in English:


nounplural noun draftswomen

(British draughtswoman)
  • 1A woman who makes detailed technical plans or drawings.

    ‘she served as lead draftswoman for the renovation’
    • ‘She is no outsider, but a talented draftswoman whose upbringing in a family of steamfitters afforded her familiarity with the milieu of pipes, valves and boilers.’
    • ‘A Howard University professor of architecture, she served as lead draftswoman for the renovation.’
    • ‘She is a civil engineer and an expert mechanical draftswoman.’
    • ‘His dad was a mechanical engineer, and his mom was a draftswoman.’
    • ‘During the Second World War she worked as an industrial draughtswoman whilst studying art at night.’
    • ‘She spent the war years first as a machinist, then as a draughtswoman in the aircraft factory at Hatfield.’
    • ‘During the war she worked as a draughtswoman at the Air Ministry and then taught A-level art at Dartington.’
    • ‘She was an insanely brilliant aircraft designer and draughtswoman.’
    1. 1.1A female artist skilled in drawing.
      ‘Nica is a deft draftswoman, as is apparent in the small drawings sprinkled through the show’
      • ‘These are beautifully illustrated by the carefully executed plates of Lavoisier's wife, a highly skilled draftswoman, engraver, and painter who had studied under the artist Louis David.’
      • ‘She had a beautiful way of putting things, and her drawings show that she was an incredible draughtswoman.’



/ˈdraf(t)sˌwo͝omən/ /ˈdræf(t)sˌwʊmən/