Definition of drag bunt in English:

drag bunt


  • A bunt, usually by a left-handed batter, that is hit down the first baseline.

    ‘A right-handed hitter, he will be even more of a threat when he can execute a push bunt as well as a drag bunt.’
    • ‘Lefties tend to fall off to the third base side of the mound after throwing; that gives him more room to lay down a drag bunt between the mound and first base.’
    • ‘That's what he did - a perfect drag bunt - and small ball, suddenly, was no joke.’
    • ‘He bunted twice for hits in a game against the Blue Jays, going from home to first on a drag bunt in an astonishing 3.4 seconds.’
    • ‘The team would like him to drag bunt more, taking the ball with him up the first base line.’