Definition of drag on in English:

drag on

phrasal verb

  • Inhale the smoke from (a cigarette)

    ‘she dragged on a low-tar cigarette’
    • ‘Smoking a cigar is altogether different from dragging on a cigarette.’
    • ‘I figured you had woken up at first until you started dragging on that cigarette without lighting it.’
    • ‘Once he's more or less settled, he drags on the cigarette, which he has already smoked almost down to the filter.’
    • ‘I watched her drag on her cigarette, the smoke hanging between us like toxic angel hair.’
    • ‘It is not unusual to see smokers dragging on cigarettes between mouthfuls at meals.’
    • ‘They both laugh hard, forced laughs that go on for five seconds too long, and Sarah drags on her cigarette and surveys the foggy chateau grounds that will never be hers.’
    • ‘He drags on his cigarette, flicking through channels with the remote control of the TV his mother bought last Christmas.’
    • ‘He drags on his cigarette and, as if we hadn't been speaking, raises his eyes to the screens and silently shoos me out of his way.’
    • ‘‘By March,’ shrugs the official, dragging on a cigarette.’
    • ‘‘I never planned to write,’ he says, dragging on his cigarette and leaning forward to lift a pint of beer.’
    • ‘The film ends with Julien, at his new school, coolly dragging on a cigarette, bragging crassly to his new friends about his relationship with her.’
    • ‘A sob caught in her throat and she masked it, hastily dragging on the cigarette in quick, short puffs.’
    • ‘By night - or, often as not, the morning after - she grimaces as she drags on a cigarette, swigs straight from a beer bottle and spits out expletives in her harsh south London accent to members of the paparazzi.’
    • ‘Every inch the rock star, he drags on a cigarette and notes that when the studio's car park gutters were cleaned, syringes were fished out by the fistful.’
    • ‘He drags on yet another cigarette, his 39th of the day.’
    • ‘Maybe they're not so different to us, he says as he drags on a cigarette…’
    • ‘He drags on his cigarette, squints his eyes and says, finally, yes.’
    • ‘‘It was the usual thing of girl with dog meets man with dog and they fall in love,’ she says with a grimace, swigging Pilsner and dragging on a cigarette as if trying to get rid of a nasty taste.’
    • ‘You only need to flick open any celeb mag or national newspaper to see celebrities dragging on a cigarette.’
    • ‘We are sitting in the standard Beverly Hills hotel room provided for such meetings, and he is alternately scratching his wispy beard or dragging on a hand-rolled cigarette.’
    puff on, draw on, pull on
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