Definition of drag out in English:

drag out

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phrasal verb

  • 1drag something out, drag out somethingUnnecessarily prolong something.

    ‘he dragged out the process of serving them’
    • ‘There will be no sequel since it would unnecessarily be dragging the whole thing out and I don't have any ideas.’
    • ‘Even if the sentence is reduced on appeal, he still seems certain to miss the competition as his lawyers and those of his club continue to drag the process out.’
    • ‘Ben was quiet, he continued with his pizza slowly, dragging the process out just to watch her squirm.’
    • ‘The whole process can be dragged out for up to five years.’
    • ‘Of course for those officers, who believe that they will be found guilty and face dismissal, are being paid throughout this process, so there is no disadvantage in dragging the process out.’
    • ‘It would have been crueller to people to have dragged this process out by giving false hope, he said.’
    • ‘They know they will be defeated in the next election, so they will drag the process out to the last day.’
    • ‘All then we have to wait for is for them to stop all of these lawsuits that drag the process out.’
    • ‘We are approached with dozens of cases every year but many don't ever come to a conclusion as the health boards drag the process out so long.’
    • ‘So far it looks like a thinly veiled threat to drag the process out in legalistic wranglings.’
    • ‘The longer the process is dragged out - the 10, 15, or 20 years that he referred to - the more and greater harm it will do over time.’
    • ‘‘The reality is that if someone files on paper, if there is a mistake or an omission, we have to send it back out and the whole process is dragged out,’ he said.’
    • ‘Isn't there a danger that he will drag this process out?’
    • ‘We did not take any pleasure in having to drag the process out until we got the answers we all required.’
    prolong, protract, draw out, stretch out, spin out, string out, make something go on and on, extend, extend the duration of, lengthen, carry on, keep going, keep alive, continue
  • 2drag something out, drag out somethingExtract information from someone against their will.

    ‘the truth was being dragged out of us’
    • ‘She may have some woman's nature in her, but she still had a warrior's heart and gave no excuses unless they were dragged out of her.’
    • ‘Each grows more suspicious of the others as possible motives are revealed and skeletons are dragged out of the closet.’
    • ‘Over the past year more and more details of the complex financial affairs have been dragged out of him, mainly as a result of the exhaustive trawl of banking institutions and other sources by the tribunal's legal team.’
    • ‘The admission was dragged out of him.’
    • ‘At times of crisis, all the old grievances are dragged out of whatever closets they have been stuffed into and used to make the present case sharper and more emotional - relevant or not.’
    • ‘He wanted to drag the information out of his friend's mouth.’
    • ‘When that doesn't work, they get him addicted and drag the information out of him when he's in a delirious state.’
    • ‘He was ready to physically drag the information out of him, and prayed his Keeper would give him permission.’
    • ‘The MP successfully dragged concessions out of the Education Secretary.’