Definition of drag something out in English:

drag something out

phrasal verb

  • Extract information from someone against their will.

    ‘the truth was being dragged out of us’
    • ‘She may have some woman's nature in her, but she still had a warrior's heart and gave no excuses unless they were dragged out of her.’
    • ‘Each grows more suspicious of the others as possible motives are revealed and skeletons are dragged out of the closet.’
    • ‘Over the past year more and more details of the complex financial affairs have been dragged out of him, mainly as a result of the exhaustive trawl of banking institutions and other sources by the tribunal's legal team.’
    • ‘The admission was dragged out of him.’
    • ‘At times of crisis, all the old grievances are dragged out of whatever closets they have been stuffed into and used to make the present case sharper and more emotional - relevant or not.’
    • ‘He wanted to drag the information out of his friend's mouth.’
    • ‘When that doesn't work, they get him addicted and drag the information out of him when he's in a delirious state.’
    • ‘He was ready to physically drag the information out of him, and prayed his Keeper would give him permission.’
    • ‘The MP successfully dragged concessions out of the Education Secretary.’