Definition of drag strip in English:

drag strip


  • A straight, paved track or section of road used for drag racing.

    • ‘A doctor with high hopes for his daughter, her father is none too pleased with her choice of ragamuffin boyfriend, who hangs out at ‘Thunder Road’, the notorious titular drag strip.’
    • ‘The incline at the end of the drag strip is used as the starting block.’
    • ‘But right now he's showing it to someone, using our street as a drag strip.’
    • ‘Why not build a simple drag strip, somewhere we can be left alone,’ Mr Cockrell said.’
    • ‘The primary problem is the limited track selection: six concrete tracks, three rally courses (five if you count their reversed counterparts), a mini course, and one drag strip.’
    • ‘Drag racing is another, but different example; the necessary conditions of racing where extracted from their initial space of emergence and reproduced as the drag strip: a commodified space of enthusiasm.’
    • ‘His films are elliptical and very intense, filled with lonely brooding characters desperately searching for connection, whether it is in the Utah desert or on a drag strip.’
    • ‘That will be a real drag strip of a circuit, that.’
    • ‘No, just an itty-bitty guy, equipped with a crank-up device that turns him loose on his own drag strip.’
    • ‘Many of my friends liked to work on cars and race them at the drag strip.’
    • ‘The humps stopped the parade from becoming a drag strip but cars sped up between them and created more noise.’
    • ‘I also wonder why the Police don't take a little more interest in the crazy farang who rent the huge chopper style motorcycles who use Soi Seven as a drag strip.’
    • ‘The track actually consists of 5 separate circuits, including a 2.5km oval and a 1.2km drag strip.’
    • ‘Yep, over the course of 105 minutes, Rock Star delivers all the twists and turns of a drag strip.’
    • ‘Complete novices have been converted into drag strip junkies.’
    • ‘Then we hit the road from Strensall for exactly four brazen minutes along a dead-straight drag strip length, with wide verges for refuge.’
    • ‘Exiting on to the drag strip full throttle is just a lot of fun and you're shooting up there.’
    • ‘You can see our staff at drag strips, circle tracks, road courses and the lakes too.’
    • ‘With five-eighths-mile drag strips on the front and back stretches, teams need to make the most of the aerodynamic abilities of the car.’
    • ‘The bulk of the facilities though are left unused, and particularly when this activity is peaking there is no one on these drag strips.’