Definition of drag the chain in English:

drag the chain


informalAustralian, New Zealand
  • Work slowly and ineffectively; lag behind.

    ‘the government is dragging the chain on this issue’
    • ‘A more reasonable excuse for buying them would be to convince allies we are not "dragging the chain" and so deserve protection, should we need it.’
    • ‘He was inclined to drag the chain, though, and needed the occasional, "Come on, dad!"’
    • ‘A smart State would not drag the chain; it would not only keep up with the rest of the country but it would lead the country.’
    • ‘Dragging the chain and mindless dissing of people who are trying to push us in the right direction is simply foolish.’
    • ‘It would have assisted employers to know when someone was not just dragging the chain but also taking ruthless advantage.’
    • ‘We have said 30 days, and if the Minister drags the chain he can stretch it out to 60.’
    • ‘Most car makers are dragging the chain in using the new technology, despite their low cost.’
    • ‘We have to contrast its dragging the chain on conservation with its pushing ahead on economic growth.’
    • ‘She challenged the "myth" that the party had dragged the chain on migrant issues.’
    • ‘The local plod was dragging the chain when it came to enforcing the 2.00 a.m. closing time.’