Definition of drag up in English:

drag up

phrasal verb

  • Dress up in clothes more conventionally worn by the opposite sex.

    ‘he drags up to play a high-heeled bordello inmate’
    • ‘Dave drags up to become his own female backing group - all three of them!’
    • ‘The torrential confession of Detective-Sergeant Bruce Robertson, a cocaine-addicted, eczema - ridden, worm-eaten Edinburgh copper, entailed the shaven-headed Burn dragging up.’
    • ‘I dreamed I had been dragging up for work since I started, and they were all convinced I was a girl.’
    • ‘It's complicated, because actually sometimes I like wearing skirts and being femme, and visually I don't pass as a man at all unless I'm dragged up to the nines.’
    • ‘I've dragged up properly with facial hair a few times.’