Definition of dragon arum in English:

dragon arum


  • 1An arum of the eastern Mediterranean, with a deep purple spathe and spadix, and an unpleasant smell.

    Dracunculus vulgaris, family Araceae

    ‘This is one of the most named plants around: Dracunculus vulgaris (also known as Arum dracunculus) is also known as the Dragon Arum, the Voodoo Lily, Ragons, the Snake Lily, the Black Arum, the Black Dragon, Dragonwort, and Stink Lily.’
    ‘Nope, to survive, the Dragon Arum needs to attract carrion-eating pollinators, which means that in the breeding season it will smell of rotten meat for a few days.’
    1. 1.1Any of a number of other plants of the arum family, in particular the North American green dragon.