Definition of dragon tree in English:

dragon tree


  • A slow-growing palmlike tree of the agave family, which is native to the Canary Islands and yields dragon's blood.

    Dracaena draco, family Agavaceae

    • ‘Images such as the ‘dragon tree’, mist in the forest, and geomteric illusions,’ Akbar explains.’
    • ‘Besides, my sister is the only one among us that can receive the wood we need from the dragon tree!’
    • ‘While the luxuriant hamadryad (dragon tree) is fêted by all the villagers, each family also venerates a grove of its own trees.’
    • ‘A group of tree-size species with stout trunks and stiff, broad-based leaves, growing in arid semi-desert areas, and known as dragon trees.’
    • ‘"Dragon Trees" are available from small starter plants to twenty foot plus specimens.’