Definition of dragonnade in English:



  • One of a series of persecutions directed by Louis XIV against French Protestants, in which troops were quartered upon them.

    ‘Attempts at forcible conversion involved the quartering of troops - often dragoons, hence dragonnades - on Huguenot households.’
    • ‘Accordingly in 1681 Protestants began to be selectively subjected to the rigours of billeting - the notorious dragonnades.’
    • ‘Louis's dragonnades policy was so brutal that it caused great numbers of Protestants to flee France even before the religious rights granted them by the Edict of Nantes were removed in 1685.’



/ˌdraɡəˈnād/ /ˌdræɡəˈneɪd/


Early 18th century from French, from dragon ‘dragon’ (see dragoon).