Definition of dragster in English:



  • A car built or modified to take part in drag races.

    • ‘He is also a passionate automotive enthusiast Having raced everything from stock cars to karts and dragsters to the Saleen S7R supercar, Mail has a passion for going to the extreme.’
    • ‘Top Comp appeals to racers and fans because it attracts a variety of cars, ranging from dragsters and Pro Mods to nostalgia dragsters and Pro Stockers.’
    • ‘‘I really like racing against dragsters with a door car,’ said Hall.’
    • ‘Two door cars and two dragsters remained in competition when Saturday's Super Pro semi-finals rolled around.’
    • ‘The dragsters and door cars are separated until the final, when the dragster winner races the door-car champ.’
    • ‘By quarter-finals time, four door cars and three dragsters remained in Super Pro competition.’
    • ‘The crashed dragster was a backup car from last season, which the team replaced with a brand-new car that was in the trailer.’
    • ‘The series ended with a battle between a door car and a dragster.’
    • ‘Pro Fuel Shootout: 300 mph Top Fuel dragsters go head to head piloted by Europe's top drag racing talent in the seriously fast, seriously noisy, nitro-guzzling missiles!’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be great if at one NHRA event, say Indy, all the Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars were painted in the schemes of some of the early racers?’
    • ‘It's the fastest and loudest motor-sport on earth, with sensational race action from dragsters and door-slammers, beetles and bikes.’
    • ‘Any fans interested in owning a Top Fuel dragster may be able to take home my Snap-on dragster at the end of the season.’
    • ‘By the early 1970s, I began building some of the first MPC Funny Car kits, a lot of gas coupes and altered-wheelbase cars, and a few front-engine dragsters.’
    • ‘It contains production-based and backhalved Super Modifieds, gas dragsters, altereds, roadsters, and plenty of tube-chassis cars and trucks.’
    • ‘‘I bought him just about every die-cast Funny Car there is, and he has a couple of dragsters,’ said Jackson.’
    • ‘Lefthanded-steering street cars are eligible, but dragsters aren't.’
    • ‘You can drive a dragster farther than you can drive a Funny Car.’
    • ‘When we're at the end of the track after a run, the neatest-sounding car is still a blown-alcohol dragster.’
    • ‘And he is getting accustomed to tuning a dragster again after so many years with a Funny Car.’
    • ‘A couple of years later, I sold the Funny Car and bought an engine for the dragster.’