Definition of drainage tube in English:

drainage tube


  • A tube, usually of clear flexible plastic with lateral perforations, for draining a wound, abscess, etc.

    • ‘A man with an intracerebral drainage tube and an intravenous cannula died after he had been given penicillin intracerebrally rather than intravenously as prescribed.’
    • ‘A negative pressure or suction force is then applied across the wound via a drainage tube embedded in the foam.’
    • ‘The allograft is cut and shaped to a desired size and is sutured in place over the drainage tube to prevent the tube from eroding into the conjunctiva.’
    • ‘If the condition does not respond to medical treatment, incision of the eardrum, removal of the fluid by suction and insertion of a drainage tube is required.’
    • ‘The specialist will provide a new drainage exit from the middle ear by inserting a tiny plastic drainage tube called a grommet into the eardrum.’
    • ‘There will be a drainage tube in each side of your lower tummy to drain any blood or watery liquid that collects from the operation site. These drains are usually removed a few days after surgery.’
    • ‘This is because when the drainage tube is blocked, the air in the middle ear is absorbed into the blood in the middle-ear lining.’
    • ‘A drainage tube is inserted, connecting the anterior chamber of the eye with a reservoir in the posterior orbit.’
    • ‘Another complication is erosion of the drainage tube, which is limited by placement of the pericardial graft.’
    • ‘Generally they go home with a small drainage tube and are seen back in the office or clinic within a week to have the drain removed.’
    • ‘A 23-g needle is used to pierce the limbus to create an opening through which the drainage tube is passed into the anterior chamber.’
    • ‘The glaucoma drainage device is a silicone device with a drainage tube and a hole-filled plate that fits the normal curvature of the eye.’
    • ‘Women usually go home with a drainage tube under the arm.’
    • ‘He is in the bed alongside Amar and also has a drainage tube.’
    • ‘To make matters worse, just three days after the appendix operation, I had to undergo another surgery due to a broken drainage tube.’
    • ‘A paraesophageal transdiaphragmatic drainage tube was placed.’