Definition of drainboard in English:



North American
  • A sloping grooved board or surface, on which washed dishes are left to drain, typically into a sink; a draining board.

    • ‘At the back of the drainboard, smack in the middle of the dishcloth, a small brown roach waved his antennae sluggishly-sick, no doubt, confusing his nights and days.’
    • ‘The first mission she gave herself was to wash out the empty fish bowl and leave it on the drainboard to dry.’
    • ‘And speaking of space, there is also the option of commercial-grade restaurant sinks that can be more than six feet long including drainboards.’
    • ‘All an architect really had to accommodate was a freestanding range, a sink with a few feet of drainboard, an icebox and a dishwasher - the two-legged kind.’
    • ‘In the kitchen on the white enamel drainboard sat a topaz tumbler bearing a red lipstick stain on its rim.’