Definition of Draize test in English:

Draize test


  • A pharmacological test in which a substance is introduced into the eye or applied to the skin of a laboratory animal in order to ascertain the likely effect of that substance on the corresponding human tissue.

    ‘This is an in vitro (test-tube) method that uses a vegetable protein from the Jack bean that is similar to the cornea of the human eye, eliminating the need to use the Draize test on animals.’
    • ‘Chlorioallantioc Membrane Vascular Assay - CAMVA for short, this test replaces the Draize test by using 10-day-old eggs (older eggs are considered to be live animals).’
    • ‘In the Draize test, potentially toxic substances are applied directly to conscious rabbits' eyes until they are massively damaged.’
    • ‘Concerns have been raised that the results of the Draize test do not correlate well to results with the human eye and that there is an unacceptable variation between results in different laboratories.’
    • ‘Unlike the Draize test which focuses on the cornea, the Bovine lens test focuses on how the irritants affect the lens of the eye.’


Draize test

/ˈdrāz ˌtest/ /ˈdreɪz ˌtɛst/


1970s named after John H. Draize (1900–92), the American pharmacologist who helped to develop this type of test.