Definition of Dramamine in English:



  • An antihistamine compound used to counter nausea (especially travel sickness).

    ‘Italian researchers gave cruise-ship passengers 500 milligrams of ginger before embarkation and again every four hours during two days of rough seas; other passengers received the drug Dramamine.’
    • ‘Have you ever noticed that Dramamine broken down is Drama Mine?’
    • ‘Drugs like Dramamine work on the central nervous system, depressing the body's reaction to movement stimuli.’
    • ‘Marezine, Dramamine, and Bonine are antihistamines, which means they can be bought over the counter.’
    • ‘In a not-so-fun recent study, 36 people with tendencies of severe motion sickness were given a placebo, Dramamine or powdered ginger.’
    • ‘The camera work may not rescue the picture from a string of preposterous twists, but it will likely set a precedent as the first Hollywood blockbuster best viewed after a dose of Dramamine.’
    • ‘Twenty years after his stint as a sometimes queasy caretaker of endangered eggs, he no longer needs Dramamine as a dietary supplement.’
    • ‘Once there I took some Dramamine for insurance against puking.’
    • ‘The allure of scuba diving far from shore has always been offset by the requisite marathon boat ride and double dose of Dramamine.’
    • ‘Thankful for my Dramamine, I turned on my camera, ignored my stomach and concentrated on the contest.’
    • ‘How else to explain the sudden urge to get in a helicopter, when in normal life I can barely sit on a swing without Dramamine?’
    • ‘To search out these treasures, you don't need a passport, a water purifier or a fresh supply of Dramamine.’
    • ‘Still, I have arranged to buy a new rod and reel, also many, many Dramamine; they seem to work.’
    • ‘The boss decided to brave the day also as the sea was so fine and we still had Dramamine, so no seasickness.’
    • ‘For the first time in a long time, I felt like I needed a Dramamine.’
    • ‘Rather than reaching for the Dramamine as you watch the film, however, the shaky-cam technique adds to the tension of the script.’
    • ‘It isn't so bad that you'll get seasick from this effort, but I did consider reaching for the Dramamine.’
    • ‘I clutched the Dramamine tightly in my hand and decided to put a brave face on it.’
    • ‘Sarah adjusted the Dramamine bands on her wrists.’
    • ‘Which is to say, the Boss should keep the Dramamine close by.’



/ˈdraməˌmēn/ /ˈdræməˌmin/


1940s from dram-(of unknown origin) + amine.