Definition of dramatist in English:



  • A person who writes plays.

    • ‘First staged in 1968, the play has often been compared to the surreal and absurd works of world-renowned dramatists Harold Pinter and Eugéne Ionesco.’
    • ‘Only a natural dramatist could have written a scene as good as that.’
    • ‘All male dramatists ultimately write about their fathers.’
    • ‘It was strong and exciting stuff - especially in the hands of such brilliant dramatists as Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Kyd, who depicted the above-mentioned horrors live on stage.’
    • ‘Shevelove updated the story and replaced the Greek dramatists with Shakespeare and Shaw.’
    • ‘The comic dramatist Aristophanes wrote an unpleasant play, The Clouds, about him, and he was attacked after his death.’
    • ‘Yet One Touch of Venus shows that the experiences of working with radical dramatists, including socialist playwright Bertolt Brecht in The Threepenny Opera, clearly left their mark on him.’
    • ‘All players had to be competent dancers and singers, but dramatists like Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Jonson replaced earlier short, rhymed verse with poetic drama.’
    • ‘On the whole, Lefkowitz steers by more familiar landmarks, including the great classical dramatists like Aeschylus and Sophocles among her poets.’
    • ‘The Swedish Ingeborg Holm was a realist drama related to the work of early twentieth century Scandanavian dramatists like Henrik Ibsen.’
    • ‘Among those he turned down were the dramatist Gerhart Hauptmann and the German chancellor Hans Luther.’
    • ‘The German dramatist and theoretician Bertolt Brecht was wrong about many things, but not about this sort of problem.’
    • ‘The situation instinctively reminds one of the play An Enemy of the People by the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen.’
    • ‘She was coached in elocution by an actor from the Comedie Francaise and the dramatist Crebillon.’
    • ‘You could even argue that Flaubert's supple perfection as a novelist is matched by Ibsen's rigorous economy as a dramatist.’
    • ‘It's a play written by a native dramatist and starring two native actors, but it's not a native drama.’
    • ‘His work was to become hugely influential on artists, playwrights and dramatists, film-makers and photographers throughout the 20th century.’
    • ‘Aside from Simon Gray, few dramatists have lately taken an axe to academia.’
    • ‘Pygmalion was the first of three Shaw adaptations that he was to direct, and the first film on which the great dramatist himself worked as scriptwriter.’
    • ‘What did you attempt to impart to dramatists about playwriting at the National Playwrights Conference?’
    playwright, writer, tragedian
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