Definition of dramaturgically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdräməˈtərjik(ə)lē/


See dramaturgy

‘The story of our life may be dramaturgically prolonged (and the collection contains a textbook's worth of ‘incremental perturbations’), but the ‘story of our life,’ the couple realize, ‘is not our life; it is our story.’’
  • ‘However I found it dramaturgically clumsy, and as a whole, the ballet had less power than Alfred Rodrigues's 1953 work on the same subject.’
  • ‘Krainik proved to be just as tough as Fox but, crucially, more gifted in administration and development and with much more catholic tastes musically and dramaturgically.’
  • ‘He's quite rigorous dramaturgically, which I think is one of his great strengths, and he really, really works on the play trying to help you get it perfect.’