Definition of dramedy in English:


nounplural noun dramedies

  • A movie, play, or broadcast program that combines elements of drama and comedy.

    ‘It's not a dramedy, but the characters have a sense of humour about themselves.’
    • ‘This is a nice little character study and a watchable dramedy.’
    • ‘The Oscar-nominated dramedy, directed by the legendary Stanley Donen, stars Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney as a couple dealing with the trials and tribulations of a rocky marriage.’
    • ‘The best actor is joining Laura Linney in the dramedy for Fox Searchlight Pictures, which is being written and directed by Tamara Jenkins.’
    • ‘He still gets high marks for ambition - only Brooks would attempt to stuff a study of race and class divisions in Los Angeles and a surprisingly raw portrait of familial breakdown into the confines of a mainstream dramedy.’
    • ‘Also looking good are This Is Wonderland, a dramedy set in Toronto's lower courts that debuts on CBC Jan. 12, and Paul Gross' Slings and Arrows, a backstage theatre romp whose first season repeats on The Movie Network in February.’
    • ‘It's yet another example of something that would be better called a dramedy, if that wasn't a horrible perversion of a word that I would never use in a review.’
    • ‘It's one of those ghastly dramedies that misses the mark by a country mile.’
    • ‘Boasting characteristically dry Aussie wit, the first half of the film is a decent, dark dramedy.’
    • ‘Who is so artist friendly that they spend $70 million on a Cameron Crowe period dramedy?’
    • ‘In late March she wowed White Party-goers with a surprise performance, and she's just wrapped a lesbian assassin role in a caper dramedy, Gigli, alongside fellow friend-of-friends-of-Dorothy Ben Affleck.’
    • ‘In the coming-of-age dramedy Whole New Thing, cowritten by and costarring out Canadian Daniel MacIvor, a precocious 13-year-old falls for his promiscuous gay teacher.’
    • ‘Yes, I know this does sound pretty far-fetched - not the first far-fetched thing in this story, but hey it's a romance dramedy - but this is actually somewhat plausible!’
    • ‘As the dramedy unfolds, Drew finds a new purpose in life and falls for flight attendant Claire Colburn.’
    • ‘Gross co-wrote, stars in and directed the dramedy about love, life and curling.’
    • ‘This story may be a romantic dramedy, but it was originally supposed to be a drama.’
    • ‘I've watched and loved the unabashedly girly dramedy Gilmore Girls from its very first episode, which's an accomplishment considering it's been on the WB for four years now.’
    • ‘Now he's in front of the cameras again in a daring dramedy opening this Friday.’
    • ‘Perfect Opposites is just what its title suggests: a forgettable little romantic dramedy that thinks it's more clever and original than it is.’
    • ‘Forrest Gump was a long, historical dramedy that further blurred the line of time.’



/ˈdrämədē/ /ˈdrɑmədi/


Early 20th century blend of drama and comedy.