Definition of drank in English:



past of drink
  • ‘In 1997, 35 percent of coffee drinkers indicated they drank specialty coffees.’
  • ‘Some 70,000 guests drank, danced, listened to lectures or explored the museum on their own.’
  • ‘We drove around all day, doing interviews, and then ate and drank together in the evenings.’
  • ‘Among teens that already drank milk, consumption increased by 6 percent during that same time period.’
  • ‘We learn that afterwards his marriage failed and that he drank heavily.’
  • ‘Melville wore a Stetson and drank Coca-Cola.’
  • ‘Students drank fruit juice for 10 weeks that had been fortified with either 10 mg or 20 mg of zinc or that had not been fortified at all.’
  • ‘He never smoked or drank.’
  • ‘They talked and drank all night.’
  • ‘The man said it was the burdock tea he made with the burrs and drank daily that kept him strong, and not sick a day in this life!’


  • A drink, especially of alcohol.

    ‘the dranks were definitely flowin'’
    • ‘He turned the truck around, said, "Let's get us some dranks," and drove toward Ephron's Market.’
    • ‘"Because you are business class show the café attendant your ticket stub and you get complimentary dranks."’
    • ‘Avoid the room with a view of the cafeteria, where "Buy U A Drank" is being blasted at 200 megawatts.’
    • ‘It generally gets crowded close to show time, but the bartenders are super attentive and get your dranks quickly.’
    • ‘I will come back repeatedly and guzzle dranks forever if you keep that pinball!’
    • ‘We had multiple servers attend to us (don't remember them now because of all the dranks!).’
    • ‘Afterwards I usually have a few dranks for fun.’
    • ‘If you are zipping down Ashland on your way home, presumably after a few dranks, have the cabbie make a quick pit stop.’
    • ‘Come for dranks of the alcoholic variety, drinks of the non-alcoholic variety, vegan and non-vegan snacks.’
    • ‘Bring your lady Thursday nights (dollar dranks from 10pm to 1am).’