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  • 1In a way that is likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect.

    ‘now her fortunes have changed drastically’
    • ‘management layers will be drastically reduced’
    • ‘The number of films being made - particularly entertainment films - dropped drastically.’
    • ‘At the same time, the traditional industries of fishing and lobstering declined drastically as marine wildlife disappeared from the harbor.’
    • ‘By the end of 1999 its economy had shrunk by 7 per cent and the unemployment ratio had increased drastically.’
    • ‘Its net income, however, improved drastically, from a loss of $11 million in 2002 to a net gain of $5.2 in 2003.’
    • ‘The segments vary drastically in quality.’
    • ‘Poverty and isolation drastically affected Hannah's already eccentric personality.’
    • ‘If he does this, I have no doubt that it will drastically improve my opinion of the direction, editing, and story.’
    • ‘Disney has a long history of drastically altering source material when developing animated projects.’
    • ‘The score is drastically cut and rearranged, leaving a first act of sixty minutes and a second of thirty five.’
    • ‘I think that the administration drastically underestimated the popular resistance to our invasion.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier Extremely; very.
      ‘the ending was drastically different from what I'd expected’
      • ‘It didn't take a master brewer to see that something was drastically wrong.’
      • ‘It tastes good, but makes you feel drastically fat.’
      • ‘When her husband's year-end settlement was given to him, Mary Smith realized that the amount was drastically insufficient.’
      • ‘it is drastically important to my family to try and maintain as much open space as we can.’
      • ‘His underlying view is that if we don't make a drastically new start we are doomed.’
      • ‘More than 100,000 drastically overweight people are expected to undergo bariatric surgery this year.’
      • ‘It was drastically unfair to all concerned.’
      • ‘There's something drastically impressive about that record label.’
      • ‘Nothing drastically original there, but there is a neat twist: there are two different endings to the game.’
      • ‘At 129 minutes, the film's too long, but not drastically long.’



/ˈdrastəklē/ /ˈdræstəkli/