Definition of draughtsperson in English:


(US draftsperson)


  • A draughtsman or draughtswoman (used as a neutral alternative).

    • ‘With a project architect, a draftsperson, an office manager, and occasional interns, the firm intends to lead sustainable design into an ever more sophisticated future.’
    • ‘These need not be elaborate, and you can draw them yourself, buy a set, or have a set prepared by a draftsperson or architect.’
    • ‘Yet, beyond that, clients treat many of us as though our skills are interchangeable with other architects and draftspeople.’
    • ‘There is a continuing need for contract staff with design-related skills: engineering and architecture top the list, and CAD draftspeople are also sought after.’
    • ‘Last week parliamentary draftspeople were busy working on new clauses to put to the Liberal dissidents.’
    • ‘We would have needed your draftspeople, of course, because you have better draftspeople.’
    • ‘Since most municipalities do not require a registered architect or engineer, it can be much cheaper to hire a draftsperson to put those ideas on paper.’
    • ‘I ask the Minister whether draughtspeople get paid by the word.’
    • ‘And the only other sourcing person we have is somebody who has very little education, i.e. a draftsperson - and that might be akin to the Licensed Practical Nurse in medicine.’
    • ‘His exhibition, comprising drawings and mixed media works, attests to this not only because of his boldness in technique and scale, but also because of his consummate maturity as a draftsperson.’
    • ‘Were that prominent in the minds or even present in the mind of the draftsperson, it is almost impossible to understand why language would not have been used such as has been used in so many other New South Wales statutes…’
    • ‘The draftsperson put in an amendment to insert a new heading Part 2A but did not provide the wording to actually have a separate part.’
    • ‘In our submission, your Honour, there are no adverse consequences because the draftsperson in New South Wales has effectively been ignoring the majority decision in Wynyard for a very long time.’
    • ‘My concern when I read the letter was to make sure its points were transferred to the legislation, and I commend the law draftsperson on working so efficiently and promptly, in such a short space of time.’
    • ‘In fact, he is a sculptor as well as a prolific draftsperson, and many of the drawings shown relate to sculptural projects.’
    • ‘Or multiple changes issued after the detailing process began may have made it difficult for the draftsperson to keep up.’
    • ‘To call themselves an intern or a draftsperson is inadequate given how much effort they've put in.’
    • ‘Here the draftsperson has chosen to set out in this subdivision the whole operation of the part.’
    • ‘But that is only to indicate that the draftspeople of the scheme misunderstood, not just one principle of constitutional law but, perhaps, a second principle as well.’
    • ‘As an amateur but ambitious architectural draftsperson, she has crafted several housing scenarios for herself and Sabre as room-mates, in the hope of providing a cat playland worthy of the animal she loves.’