Definition of draw a blank in English:

draw a blank


  • Elicit no successful response; fail.

    ‘the search drew a blank’
    • ‘Within days of his death, they went to the home of his widow and daughters to conduct an early-morning search, but drew a blank.’
    • ‘As their searches drew a blank, fears grew that she had been abducted, or even run away from the school party.’
    • ‘Many searches ultimately draw a blank, but people do turn up on occasion.’
    • ‘Police investigations at the time drew a blank, and no firm reason could be found for his disappearance.’
    • ‘The journalist drew a blank when he tried to find out more from villagers.’
    • ‘As if out of habit, he went online and entered the words in the search engine, but drew a blank.’
    • ‘Detectives initially drew a blank as no one of that name was registered missing.’
    • ‘By Saturday, the negotiators working ahead of Wednesday's summit had drawn a blank: there will be nothing beyond a statement of broad principles.’
    • ‘The inspector said today that conventional methods of identification, including DNA and fingerprinting, had drawn a blank.’
    • ‘Inquires made by the administrative officer on my behalf have drawn a blank.’