Definition of draw blood in English:

draw blood


  • Cause someone to bleed, especially in the course of a fight.

    ‘the blow drew blood from the corner of his mouth’
    • ‘she knew she'd drawn blood when the smile faded from his face’
    • ‘On a bad day, Barney might get into a fight with another dog, growling and scratching and fighting and trying to draw blood.’
    • ‘But nobody would really want to fight if a vampire draws blood with no malice.’
    • ‘This time, her blow drew blood from the monster.’
    • ‘Of course since I was stitching after so long I drew blood and then I realized that I had forgotten all about the thimble once again.’
    • ‘They never go down without a fight and today, at last, they drew blood.’
    • ‘Others were as coarse as sandpaper, and while they stayed knotted you usually drew blood when you tied one on.’
    • ‘Obsessed with southern gothic, he wrote songs in which the six-gun in his hand went crazy, his crown of thorns drew blood and Mary's cold bones were dragged through the swamp to the hell-mouth.’
    • ‘When at last the fish appeared, its scales seemed rough as alligator hide. The gill covers were hard as bone, the smooth curves of their sides met in a point that drew blood from a hurried finger as I unhooked him.’
    • ‘But I think they were really disappointed that nobody drew blood.’
    • ‘The bat drew blood, he said, but the bite was quick and small, so Jeanna thought she had just been scratched.’