Definition of draw breath in English:

draw breath


  • Breathe in.

    ‘he stopped to draw breath’
    • ‘He talks knowledgeably and constantly, only drawing breath to puff on his cigarette.’
    • ‘This is the place for drawing breath, plus a long, cool lime juice.’
    • ‘Photographing them gives me an excuse to briefly draw breath and to rapture.’
    • ‘He drew breath, clearly intending to continue.’
    • ‘For as long as she drew breath she would fight for her baby.’
    • ‘She drew breath as easily as she once did, and she could talk.’
    • ‘The old man remained nearly motionless, but he still drew breath.’
    • ‘She drew breath and poised herself between candor and discretion.’
    • ‘I drew breath like I was gonna start a long speech.’
    • ‘He drew breath to say something, but the knight cut him off coldly.’
    inhale and exhale, respire, draw breath