Definition of draw fire in English:

draw fire


  • Attract hostile criticism away from a more important target.

    ‘the vaccination campaign continued to draw fire’
    • ‘Jewel then charges alongside the buffet, finally attracting the soldiers' attention and drawing their fire.’
    • ‘Word is they know our plans and the General has a gambit to draw their fire before they can use that knowledge against us.’
    • ‘The comments regarding the subordination of women in First Corinthians, Ephesians and Timothy were points which easily drew my fire.’
    • ‘Inside he can see Mai continually drawing his fire.’
    • ‘Three more ninjas attack Chuck War, drawing his fire away from Battle Armor Bob.’
    • ‘I'll rush out of the building, and draw their fire…’
    • ‘We need to draw their fire away so that one of us can at least take one of them out!’
    • ‘We will draw their fire, and you can follow us at your will.’
    • ‘She's going to try to draw their fire, make them think all of us are over there, so we should be fine here for the time being.’
    • ‘If he's not, the fighters need to charge in and draw his fire.’