Definition of draw oneself up in English:

draw oneself up

phrasal verb

  • Make oneself stand in a stiffly upright manner.

    ‘Sarah drew herself up, full of indignation that he should presume to judge her’
    • ‘And then I self-consciously drew myself up and stood, a little embarrassed at being in a compromising position.’
    • ‘George's eyes grew very upset and he drew himself up stiffly.’
    • ‘He grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her away, but I stood up, drawing myself up to my full height.’
    • ‘He stood up slowly, drawing himself up to his full and dignified height.’
    • ‘The prince drew himself up, nostrils flaring as if he was going to say something.’
    • ‘He self-consciously drew himself up, and went out to stand in the entrance way.’
    • ‘Not being accustomed to being given that sort of look by a public servant, I drew myself up to my full height.’
    • ‘She drew herself up into a deeply sullen huff of feline dignity and took herself off to the farthest corner of the patio.’
    • ‘And the woman draws herself up and delivers a stirring dialogue on her right to stay there and earn an honest living.’
    • ‘When I say I will, she draws herself up, full of dignity and straight as the stick she is carrying.’