Definition of draw straws in English:

draw straws


  • Draw lots.

    • ‘We drew straws to decide on who would do the shooting.’
    • ‘So if there's a problem upstairs that is in the way, then you have to draw straws.’
    • ‘Given David's interest in his wine cellar, it's a great bonus to be able to sample freely from his wine list without having to draw straws about who drives home.’
    • ‘Beer drinkers had to draw straws for the last pint after barrels in a Strensall pub ran dry, the landlady has claimed.’
    • ‘We drew straws to decide who would sleep at the edge,’ recalls Band, who had the honour.’
    • ‘He draws straws to determine who he'll see, so don't hold your breath.’
    • ‘I had a mental picture of these guys drawing straws for weeks to see who would end up with this gig.’
    • ‘So it's just a matter of deciding who plays which move, perhaps by drawing straws or cutting cards.’
    • ‘We drew straws in the clubhouse, and I got the short one.’
    • ‘We drew straws to see who had to come and wake you up.’
    decide randomly, spin a coin, toss a coin, throw dice, draw straws, cut straws, decide on the toss of a coin, decide on the throw of a die, dice, decide on the drawing of straws