Definition of draw the crabs in English:

draw the crabs


  • 1military slang Attract enemy fire.

    ‘a lone tank drew the crabs on them’
    • ‘He reckoned it made him stand out when he got out into the jungle, and 'draw the crabs'.’
    • ‘He and his men no longer cared, however, now that Murdoch's struggles could not draw the crabs on them.’
    • ‘As you might imagine these draw the “crabs” and the enemy shelled us for a week.’
    • ‘The sergeant believed local treachery was brewing and that my white skin would draw the crabs.’
    • ‘Great was the annoyance of the Australian engineers preparing the crossing when this lone tank 'drew the crabs' on them.’
    • ‘Footsloggers had a rooted dislike for civilian vehicles advancing with them—"they drew the crabs".’
    1. 1.1informal Attract unwanted attention.
      ‘once a complaint is made it has to be investigated, thereby drawing the crabs’
      • ‘Public killing 'draws the crabs'; kill a few men, and suddenly the constabulary is all over you.’
      • ‘Its inherited job is to 'keep the media barons happy with government while drawing the crabs of public opinion away from making the government accountable'.’
      • ‘The women are pretty ratty on Daph for drawing the crabs, and so is her boss for that matter.’