Definition of draw the short straw in English:

draw the short straw


  • Be the unluckiest of a group of people, especially in being chosen to perform an unpleasant task.

    ‘He drew the short straw when we ran out of room in the shelter).’
    • ‘The captain's 17-year-old cousin drew the short straw.’
    • ‘Limerick drew the short straw, now having to travel to Glasnevin to play a St Vincent's side that has been improving by leaps and bounds in recent weeks.’
    • ‘My department drew the short straw on re-location and from tomorrow we get to work in Earlsfield in the London borough of Wandsworth for seven weeks.’
    • ‘I drew the short straw which meant that my room became the guest room, complete with a newly inflated queen size bed.’
    • ‘With paper for books and magazines in short supply, writers in particular drew the short straw.’
    • ‘Obviously, someone had to draw the short straw.’
    • ‘I refuse to believe that I drew the short straw.’
    • ‘I think he drew the short straw in the Labour Cabinet.’
    • ‘Those teams who drew the short straw and got the 8.30 am start really feel the impact of their night-time activities.’